Intent Pattern

A design pattern for robust handling of resource creation on a remote service. [Read More]

Select Syscall in Rust

Using the select syscall from Rust, with the libc crate [Read More]
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Railway Oriented Programming in Scala

Playing with the Railway Oriented Programming concepts in scala. Translating them from F# and seeing how we can adapt them to Scala constructs. We will not mention Monads. I just did, but that was the only time. [Read More]


A small cli available as a ruby gem to maintain a repo of TILs [Read More]
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Error Handling in Scala

Previously published on Medium After a few years of using Scala to develop backend services at Harry’s, we developed a robust approach to error handling, leveraging its powerful type system. [Read More]

Atomic Increment/Decrement operations in SQL and fun with locks

Previously published on Medium We recently rewrote our inventory management system and managed to improve the performance while reducing the operational complexity by taking advantage of native SQL increment & decrement operations. [Read More]
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